Mission and Values

Mission Statement

We provide safe, affordable housing opportunities to enhance the quality of life of North Carolinians.

Our Vision

  • Foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment that provides meaningful careers and professional development with opportunities for success and advancement for employees
  • Develop a shared understanding and purpose with our partners and state leadership
  • Meet the housing needs of all North Carolinians and provide value to boost community growth and the state’s economy
  • Be recognized as the affordable housing leader in the state
  • Be a national leader among all housing finance agencies
  • Have North Carolina become the most prosperous, safest and healthiest state in the country


We Care by:

  • Making our programming and services inclusive and equitable
  • Making our organization and our work reflective of our state’s diversity by celebrating and learning from our differences
  • Serving North Carolinians with the passion and purpose reflected in our mission statement
  • Creating a safe, inclusive environment for our employees with the personal and professional resources needed for them to thrive and better serve North Carolinians

We Act by:

  • Being effective and efficient in our approach and actions to the benefit of all North Carolinians
  • Working collaboratively with key state and local agencies, private market partners, nonprofit housing groups and community service providers
  • Building capacity of our partners and actively recruiting new, diverse partners in all communities to better serve North Carolinians across the state
  • Creating an internal community that recognizes and rewards the work of all employees and attracts new talent and ideas to the Agency

We Lead by:

  • Modeling the behavior we expect from others
  • Sharing our intentions and reasoning and being transparent about motives and actions with all external and internal audiences
  • Authentically connecting and communicating with clients, colleagues and partners
  • Encouraging open dialogue and active listening among all employees

Adopted in 2021