About Us

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency is a self-supporting public agency that provides safe, affordable housing opportunities to enhance the quality of life of North Carolinians. Since its creation by the General Assembly, the Agency has financed more than 310,700 affordable homes and apartments, totaling $31.9 billion.

The Agency provides financing through the sale of tax-exempt bonds and management of federal tax credit programs, the federal HOME Program, the state and national Housing Trust Funds, and other programs.

Using these resources and its own earnings, the Agency:

  • offers low-cost mortgages and down payment assistance for qualified home buyers.
  • finances affordable homes and apartments developed by local governments, nonprofit organizations and private owners.
  • finances the development of housing for people with special needs.
  • finances the repair and rehabilitation of substandard owner-occupied homes.
  • provides foreclosure prevention assistance and access to housing counseling services.
  • administers rental assistance contracts. (including Section 8, the Transitions to Community Living Voucher and Key Rental Assistance) 

The Agency’s operations are overseen by a geographically diverse, 13-member Board of Directors that includes members with expertise in banking, mortgage servicing, home building and real estate sales. The Governor, President Pro Tempore of the state Senate, and Speaker of the state House of Representatives each appoint four members, and these 12 members elect a 13th. The Board of Directors appoints the Agency’s Executive Director, subject to approval by the Governor; and the Executive Director hires all staff. The Agency’s statute describes its board composition, general powers, program authority and financing capability.

The Agency reports its budget through the Office of State Budget and Management in the Governor’s Office. Its financial accounts are audited annually by an independent auditing firm. The Agency maintains a AA+/Aa1 bond rating.